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1 September 2021: Abstract submission platform opens
27 October 2021: Abstract submission platform closes (updated)
2 December 2021: Notification sent to presenting author

Abstracts must be received by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on 27 October 2021 to be considered. The presenting author will receive an email upon submission to confirm that the abstract has been received.

Notfication of abstract acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitting author of the abstract by 2 December 2021. Subsequent communications will only be sent to the presenting author; no communications will be sent to co-authors. It is the responsibility of the presenting author to communication with co-authors.

Abstract Submission


Abstracts must be submitted in English. If an abstract is accepted for the 6th Global Forum program, it must be presented in English.

Abstracts must be submitted through the online submission platform. Abstracts submitted by email will not be considered.

Authors must indicate whether they wish their abstract to be considered for oral or poster presentation or for poster presentation only. The decision on acceptance for oral or poster presentation is made by the Organizing Committee and that decision is final.

Opportunities for virtual, remote, and in-person presentations are being explored. to assist us in planning for these sessions, pleae indicate if you are currently planning to participate in the Global Forum virtually or in-person. We understand that the COVID situation continues to evolve and that your plans for participation may change. You will be able to confirm how you will participate at the time of abstract notification.


Abstracts may not exceed 260 words, including headings wtihin the body of the abstract. Title, author names, affiliations, figure/table, and funding sources are not included in this word limit.

The abstract should include:

  • Title: A descriptive title of no more than 25 words. Capitalize only the first letter of the titel, any acronyms or proper nounds, and the first word following a colon (e.g. Developing new vaccines to prevent tuberculosis: Results of a recent clinical trial). Titles not submitted in this format will be edited to conform to this requirement.
  • Authors: A list of authors, affiliated institutions, and countries, with presenting author noted where indicated on the submission form (see below for information on author eligibility)
  • Structure: The following structure is recommended for the body of the abstract. If this structure is not appropriate for the content if your abstract you are encouraged to use alternate headings.
    • Background/Introduction
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion and Conclusion

Funding Sources and/or Conflicts of Interest. List any funding sources and/or conflicts of interest where indicated in the submission form. If not applicable, indicate "None." This field is not included in the word count.

Figures: Authors are allowed to submit one table or one figure per abstract, which should provide an overview summarizing the most important findings or the study/trial design. The figure or table should be uploaded in jpeg, tiff, or PDF format and should not exceed 10MBs and 4”h x 6”w (10cm h x 25 cm w). Abstracts should be reproducible and legible in black and white as well as color.

Non-standard or uncommon abbreviations/acronyms must be spelled out in full at first mention in the text

Authors are responsible for submitting an abstract without errors. Abstracts will be reproduced as they were submitted.


Previously published/presented work may be submitted if it is timely and the subject matter is relevant. If work has been previously published or presented, this must be indicated on the submission form. Acceptance of previously published work will be based on abstract review and overall program development.

Abstract text under copyright to a publication or another conference should not be submitted.

Material presented in abstracts must not violate any copyright laws or infringe on the rights of others. If any material, images, or graphics are included in the abstract that are not copyrighted by the author, it is the author’s sole responsibility to secure the rights from the copyright holder in writing to reproduce the figure, graphic, and/or image for print and online publication worldwide, and the author must bear all associated costs charged by the copyright holder.

Multiple abstract submissions for a single study are allowed provided that each abstract presents a different aspect of the study and different information.

The Global Forum utilizes a blinded abstract review process. Identifying information of the submitter or author affiliations/institutions should not be included in the abstract title or body.

The Global Forum supports only research that has been conducted according to ethical research standards. Research conducted in animals must adhere to local or regional ethics committees and/or requirements for animal research where applicable. Research in humans must be conducted according to the protocol approved by the institutional or local committee on ethics in human investigation; where no such committee exists, the research should have been conducted in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association.


There is no limit to the number of authors on an abstract, however, the list of authors should be limited to those individuals who conceived, designed, and carried out the study; gathered and analyzed the data; and wrote or reviewed/edited the abstract. Every listed author should read and approve the abstract before it is submitted. Authors will determine the author order on the abstract. The use of study groups as co-authors is encouraged.

Presenting authors are limited to three (3) abstract submissions, but there is no limit to the number of abstracts on which a person is listed as co-author.

When listing author affiliations, one additional department or internal institution may be included along with primary affiliation.

It is expected that the author listed as the presenting author in the abstract submission will present at the conference if the abstract is accepted. If the presenting author is not able to present, a co-author may present in his/her place. Organizers must be notified in advance (if possible) of any changes in presenter.


Please indicate under which track the abstract falls based on the list below:

  1. Basic science research
  2. Novel vaccine concepts
  3. Preclinical vaccine development
  4. Clinical vaccine development
  5. Epidemiology
  6. Biomarkers, correlates of immunity and protection
  7. Non-specific effects of BCG (including for COVID-19)
  8. Chemistry, manufacturing and controls
  9. Enabling access (legal/regulatory, financial, social, technical)
  10. Advocacy for policy change and resource mobilization
  11. Community and civil society engagement
  12. Social and behavioral research relevant to TB vaccines and TB vaccine research
  13. Veterinary TB vaccines
  14. Modeling (computational)
  15. Impact of COVID-19 on TB vaccine R&D and TB services/ Lessons learned
  16. Co-morbidities (TB/HIV, diabetes, etc)
  17. Regulatory issues

Abstract Review and Publication


All submitted abstracts will go through a blind peer review process carried out by members of the Organizing Committee, the Advisory Panel, or other experts in the thematic area under which the abstract is submitted.

The review process for the 6th Global Forum is confidential, and this is communicated to all abstract reviewers. However, it is important to note that reviewers are volunteers and are not Global Forum Organizers. Misuse of confidential information should be brought to the attention of the Global Forum Organizers, but the Global Forum Organizers shall not be responsible for the failure of a reviewer to maintain abstract confidentiality.


Accepted abstracts will be published in the 6th Global Forum program book, in paper and/or electronic form, and on the virtual platform for distribution to all registered participants. Accepted abstracts will also be published online for public viewing following the 6th Global Forum. Global Forum sessions – including plenary sessions, oral abstract sessions, and poster sessions – will be recorded and made available on demand for viewing by registered participants.

Authors retain the copyright of their abstracts, with publication rights granted to the Global Forum Organizers. The Global Forum Organizers retain the copyright to recordings.

Accepted abstracts will not be published or distributed prior to the start of the 6th Global Forum. However, all accepted abstracts will be made available to session chairs under embargo two to four weeks before the start of the 6th Global Forum.

Submission of an abstract constitutes agreement to its publication as noted above.

Author Registration and Participant Support


Registration is not required prior to submitting an abstract.

Presenting authors of accepted abstracts must be registered for the 6th Global Forum by 31 December 2021, including payment of registration fees. If a presenting author has not registered and paid by 31 December 2021, the Organizers reserve the right to remove the abstract and presentation from the program and abstract publications.

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